Thursday, August 24, 2017

Is "Custody" a Sequel?

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Today I decided to answer a question that is long overdue for an answer. That question: Is "Custody" a sequel? I've gotten this question a few times, particularly on the basis that it is a sequel to my first story "What?". The first time I actually drafted anything for "Custody" was after I wrote the first chapter of "What?", which was originally supposed to be a one-shot. However, the response to "What?" was "More please" and figuring that I could do 'one more chapter', I wrote more. And more. And more. And more. By the second chapter of "What?", Chapter One was already written for "Custody", but "Custody" got shelved until I completed the 24 chapter "one-shot" (hysterical, I know).

Anyway, after "What?" was finished, I decided to go ahead and work on another story, "Could This Go Anywhere?" before finally moving on to writing "Custody" (I knew "Could This Go Anywhere?" would be shorter than "Custody" and opted to finish that first).

So onto the actual question, now that background has been given. Is it a sequel? Technically, no. I never wrote "Custody" with the intent that it would be a follow up or sequel to "What?". However, nearly everything I write within the "Teen Titans" realm in regards to fan fiction is written with the characters all having the same qualities/aspects/personalities as they would in any other stories I've written them in (with the exception of perhaps comedy). I also rarely, if ever write duplicates, or rather stories that would conflict with one another due to timing.

So if you want to see my stories as part of their own extended universe, then yes, "Custody" could be considered a sequel to "What?" as it would take place after the "Apprentice" episodes of the show whereas "What?" took place during said episodes. Do you need to read "What?" to understand "Custody"? Not at all. Do you need to read "What?" to enjoy "Custody"? I certainly hope not! But if you find it more enjoyable, than that would certainly bring a smile to my face. ^_^

To read "What?", you can check out the link below or find it linked on my Fan Fiction Profile Page.
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