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Adeline Kane


Born from a well off family, Adeline joined the US Army at a young age and quickly grew in the ranks. With marriage and motherhood, Adeline resigned from the military as her husband provided for their family. Together, they had two sons. After a bitter divorce, Adeline began her own Private Security Company that is currently expanding into the world of Private Intelligence. 

Despite her resignation from the Army, she is still a highly capable and formidable combatant. When Project Firewall comes under attack, Bruce Wayne hires Adeline and her company's forces to guard Wayne Tower and its outlying facilities from both technical, viral, and physical attacks. However, Adeline's involvement with the case may in fact be a crucial turning point to revealing Deathstroke's true intentions. 


Adeline, as she was never shown in the TV Show, retains much of her comic book counter part's qualities from the early 1980's comics. In "Custody" she works as the head of a private security company, in a sense, just a step away from what would be her private enterprise in the comics as a private intelligence agency. Additionally, though a bit younger and a bit less hardened then she was in the comics, Adeline retains her history with Deathstroke. 

The biggest difference is that Adeline from the point of the beginning of the story has never once interacted with the Titans, who are based on the West coast of the United States while she has primarily operated on the East. Though aware of Slade's antics, she has been content to not get involved as long as they have not threatened her family. All of that comes under threat however in "Custody", forcing Adeline out of avoiding the man that ruined her life into confronting him full head on.

Personality and Relationships

Adeline was a "army brat", growing up in a variety of different locations through out her childhood and teenage life. Following in the footsteps of her father, Adeline also joined the army and quickly became renowned as a top soldier. This led her to teaching many new recruits, including her future husband. During her military career, Adeline took no excuses, no nonsense, and no cowardliness. Fearless, brave, and determined, Adeline trusted her gut instincts, which led to many of her victories in battle and training. 

After her bitter divorce, much of Adeline's confidence in her instincts became a stitched up mess, filled with self doubt and double guessing of herself. While confident in tactical matters, when it comes to dealing with other people, Adeline falters when it comes to trusting people and what she believes to be their motives. With many of her own regrets surrounding her family, particularly her sons' lives, Adeline has a particularly strong maternal instinct, though she doesn't always trust herself to fill  a 'mother' role. 

She is one of the few people with whom Deathstroke shows respect to, albeit in his own twisted sense. While their past is murky to say the least, they do seem to be familiar with one another, much to Adeline's dismay. His nickname to her ,"Addie", can trigger flashes of anger in her. Another man in her life, Bruce Wayne, though distant, relies on her with a variety of important matters regarding his company. While she is unaware of his true identity, their companies' partnership has served for the benefit of both enterprises ever since the establishment of Adeline's agency. However, the true nature of how they came to meet is unknown.

Personal Thoughts

Adeline was one of my favorite characters from the comics while growing up. I loved her strong willed nature and ability to stand on even ground with Deathstroke. While I know why she never appeared in the TV Show, I still think it would have been way cool to see her in some way show up. But hey, at least we got Jericho though. 

I tried to write Adeline from a bit of a younger perspective as I felt that the TV show dealt with a younger Slade as well. So here, she's experienced, but still learning a bit and not quite as hardened of a character yet.  In any case, Adeline ends up playing a key role in "Custody" and her character is one of the primary reasons why I was able to come up with the storyline. I won't spoil much, but let's just say that little coincidences in canon material allowed for this to come about.

Also, just btw, I'm still waiting to find a Deathstroke and Adeline Kane cosplaying duo. That would provide so much win. Just saying. ;)

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