Loopholes, deception, disappearances. Puzzle pieces that need to be put together. A villain watches from the corner of his only eye the Boy Wonder. But Robin has another problem, too. It's an ever-growing fight with the Dark Knight. 

A father son story.

Welcome All!

Thank you for stopping by "Custody"'s official homepage. 

A fan fiction I wrote between the years of 2007-2010, "Custody" is based off of Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans" animated cartoon which aired from 2003-2006. 

Originally published on FanFiction.Net, I have gotten multiple requests for the story to be uploaded onto a different site to allow for easier reading on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, you asked, and you've got it!

In addition to the story, I have also added summaries and character bios, along with additional 'behind the pen' sort of looks at how I ended up writing the story, such as what inspired the story and my thoughts on individual sections/chapters.

So hopefully, in addition to the story itself, this site proves to be interesting for any and all readers. 

Finally, I would like to point out that this site pertains only to this particular fan fiction and is not based at all in DC Comics' or Cartoon Network's continuity. Furthermore, no profit is made off of this story and I do not claim to own any of the characters. Any insights or personal thoughts or summaries on this site are my own and are not meant to reflect the owner's views or opinions. It was written by a fan for fans and is dedicated to all of the wonderful people who have inspired me and given all of us the amazing stories that come with these characters.

📖 That said, Happy Reading Everyone! 😊

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